MVP – Biomarkers Minimally Verbal Pediatric Biomarkers in Autism

What is the purpose of the MVP study?

    • To further understand how attention and brain activity relate to children with autism’s behavioral, cognitive, and social abilities.
    • Information learned from the study may provide insight into autism and could benefit children and their families in the future. 

What is involved?

    • 2 visits over a 2-week period 
    • Children will complete cognitive and diagnostic assessments, electroencephalography (EEG) sessions, and eye tracking (ET) sessions.
    • Parents will complete parent surveys and clinical interviews about their child.

Who Can Participate?

    • Children 6 to 11 years old
    • Children with an autism spectrum diagnosis and below average cognitive skills 

What will you receive if you participate?

    • Up to $75 in compensation
    • Parking Validation
    • Transportation to and from the study site if necessary
    • A feedback report with clinical and cognitive assessment results

Interested in participating?

Email our research team at with your name and phone number and one of our coordinators will give you a call.

Please contact Kate at 323-660-2450, extension 1299 or