Remote Infant Studies of Early Learning

What is the RISE Study about?

This is a remote study where we are testing to see what we can learn about your baby’s cognitive development at home. We want to understand how babies look at and learn from the patterns in the world around them. This is part of a larger study we are running to understand how typically developing babies might learn about their world in different ways than babies with developmental delays.

Who can participate?

Children aged 6 or 12 months old who live in the United States and were born full term (after 37 weeks). To learn more about participation visit the RISE study website.

What does this study involve?

    • Your baby will see a series of videos while we record how they respond. These videos include children playing, geometric figures, objects, and patterns.
    • After the videos, we will ask you to complete some questionnaires within the LookIt platform. After 6 months, we will send you some additional questionnaires to complete.

Help Us

    • Learn more about babies’ cognitive development
    • Learn more about differences between typical development and developmental delays
    • Develop tools to identify developmental delays


You will receive compensation for your time and effort for each visit.